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iPhone/iPad app problems

Question asked by churchfield on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by andrewt

I have been a longtime Marriott Rewards customer. I have both an iPhone (6) and an iPad Mini.  The Marriott apps are on both.  I am Gold Elite. Lately, when I try to use the apps to find and book a room using Rewards Points, I can find the room, but I am not able to successfully book the room. On the iPhone, there is no place (that I see) to physically click to Select. On the iPad, it starts into an endless loop.  Although I am already logged on to my Rewards account, when I click on the 'Select Room' button, it launches a smaller dialog box that wants me to log into my account (again?), type my password, and click 'Verify.' This takes me back to the room choices. If I (re)select the room, it relaunches the logon dialog box, and the loop begins. What am I not doing?  This is for Rewards Points rooms only.  If I select a room rate room, there are no issues with either app.