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My Marriott Visa anniversary date changed

Question asked by razorbackfan on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by razorbackfan

When I did not get the free night certificate and 15 night credit on (or near) my Marriott Visa credit card anniversary date, I called Marriott Rewards to find out what had happened.  My records showed June 29 as the anniversary date.  The agent I spoke with told me my most recent free night certificate was posted on Nov. 2, 2015; however, the two previous certificates had been posted on or near the June date. She was unable to explain why that had happened and suggested that I call Visa.  When I spoke to the Visa agent, she said my anniversary date had always been in November and said that the certificate and 15 night credit were sent to Marriott Rewards on Nov. 2.  I vaguely remember getting a free night certificate and wondering why I had gotten one about that time , but didn't think anymore about it until I did not get a certificate in June. We have had to get new cards with new numbers 3 times in the last couple of years because of breaches, but she said that would not have changed the anniversary date and insisted that my anniversary date had always been in November.  Since I am Lifetime Platinum, the extra nights don't matter too much now other than I like seeing my progress.  I will be watching for the 2016 free night certificate to post in November.

Have any of you had the same issue?