Javier is the Best in Town

Discussion created by pluto77 on Aug 23, 2016
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There are many things to love about the Newport Beach California Hotels | Newport Beach Marriott Bayview, but what keeps me coming back is their omelette chef, Javier.  Each year, he makes us the best omelettes of any Marriott I've ever been to, and when I say the best, I truly mean, THE BEST.  They are simply divine.  He always has fresh, perfect avocados standing by, and opens a new one with each omelette and extracts the slices, artfully fanning them onto the omelettes in one swift, effortless motion.  He always has a cheerful smile for his guests, even though busy, and never seems tired or bored of his tasks. 


Here's something else that he does to delight his young guests:



As I was checking out of the hotel, I casually asked the associate (who happened to be the rooms control supervisor), what he thought of Javier, the omelette chef.  The immediate response was an affirmative, "The Best.  He's THE best in town."  I absolutely agree.  He's great for guests, great for business!  He deserves to be recognized.  I would love to see Javier receive Marriott's Spirit to Serve award, as Javier truly does have a Spirit to Serve.  Thank you.