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What happened to customer service?

Question asked by txsoccermom on Aug 21, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by jerryl

I just returned yesterday from a stay at Courtyard San Antonio Airport/North Star Mall, and am highly disappointed with this experience.  I travel more and more now with a son in competitive soccer, and try to generally stay loyal to the Marriott brand, even after losing rewards points due to lack of activity.  However, this experience was enough to make me realize that picking the Courtyard is not always the better choice.

I had a choice of Fairfield Suites or the Courtyard, and having had impressive experiences in the past with the Courtyard, I opted for Courtyard.  I reserved online, checked in via mobile app, and arrived after what had been an 18 hour day between work, packing, and travel.  I arrive, am asked to verify my credit card information, and then here it goes, I'm asked to go to another property!  I've heard of airlines overbooking flights on a fairly regular basis, but never a hotel.  Apparently, although everything appeared to be fine on my end, they had oversold the hotel rooms, and would I go elsewhere?  My response is clearly not okay, but I am repeatedly asked if that's okay.  I am exhausted, it's late, and you're telling me upon my arrival that there's not a room for me???  I'm not exactly close to home, what choice do I have (oh, and we are booked for two nights - an Adidas tournament)?  After all of this, I am told a room number and directed to the elevator.  I'm thoroughly confused and frustrated, as why would I be going to an elevator in a property that I'm not staying at?  Oh, well, we were just asking.  Okay, whatever, moving on.

Part of the deal that was made for the reservations was that breakfast would be served at the neighboring property (Fairfield).  When arriving at this property, it was a COMPLETELY different experience.  The gentleman at the front desk was engaging, considerate, open, and very friendly.  The staff working the breakfast were more than attentive, they were exceptional!  We were receiving five star service, whether they were dealing with soccer kids, parents, or frequent fliers.  This makes me regret the opportunity to have stayed there instead of the Courtyard.

We're at the tournament in the rain all day, come back, find out the tournament is cancelled for the next day (after 3 pm), so we opt to go home.  Is there any kind of break?  Nope, you didn't cancel 72 hours ahead of time.  That's the policy.  We'll knock a third off of the second night's stay (that we weren't staying for), but that's it.  When I explain how this is just icing on the cake of how poorly things have gone, I'm told to accept their "sincerest apologies", but it's policy, and that can't be broken.  When I report the treatment I had received the night before, and how this has escalated my disappointment, I was asked, but did we not service you here last night?  Like that's supposed to make it okay.

I am highly disappointed in this stay, and will not stay at this particular property again.  We will either stay at Fairfield, or at another property entirely from our team if this is the chosen partner hotel again.