Renaissance Asheville Hotel - no more executive lounge

Discussion created by californian on Aug 21, 2016
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asheChecking on an upcoming stay was told that they no longer have an EL.  I expressed dissatisfaction and was told that other Renaissances are also doing away with their ELs too.  Is this becoming a trend?


I stay at FS hotels partly because of the ELs and enjoy relaxing in them, getting water and evening snacks.  Then there is breakfast.  I was told that I would be given a voucher for a continental breakfast.  I told them that the breakfast in the ELs have eggs and meat as well as other items and if they do substitute it should be for a full breakfast.  I was told that I could have that for an upcharge.


Has any one noticed ELs or CLs being closed?  How do you feel about this?