Flight and Hotel Packages

Discussion created by ks77 on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2016 by getawaysoon

I would like someone to explain to me exactly how the flight and hotel packages work. I think I understand but if someone has direct knowledge and has booked it before to please fill me in. I am aware of the 7 nights being continuous and issued as a cert, I am just unsure how the air part works. Do they credit your FF account and you then have to use those miles for that specific trip? Say you have enough air miles to book the trip using miles. You don't "need" the air miles to book the trip, so do they simply credit your account or do you have to use them as part of the package? Also, with regards to the hotel stay, lets say it's a MVC property that has a Guest Room No View, and then two types of Villas that are CLEARLY better in every aspect. Does the 7 night voucher only work on the "worst" rooms? Any help would be appreciated!