Itinerary for the Insider Meetup in Houston (aka TIPPLE)

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Well folks, it's just a few weeks until the Insider meetup at the Downtown JW Marriott in Houston. Most of you know it better as TIPPLE. Some may be wondering what wonderful things are planned for the weekend, so here is a detailed schedule of everything happening.




Saturday, September 17, 2016

7pm - 9pm (19:00 - 21:00 for those who prefer using the 24-hour time format)

Cocktail reception hosted by Marriott courtesy our very own community manager, communitymanagers. Food will be served because Nathalie said she doesn't want anyone to go hungry.



That's it.


In case you missed all the previous announcements, brightlybob and I made it clear that over-planning would never be an issue for this gathering. We've stuck by that from the very beginning. The rest of the weekend is wide open to do whatever you wish.


We will have around the clock access to the Griffin Lounge and while there is no official event planned for Friday night, we will be gathering there to share travel stories and insights (sort of an in-person version of this site). The majority of attendees plan to be in Houston both Friday and Saturday night, though several people will not be arriving until Saturday.


We'll still add people to the "guest list," but hotel accommodations are up to you, as our special rate at the JW needed to booked last week. If the JW won't work for you, a SHS, CY, ResInn and an Autograph property are all within a few blocks. For a current list of planned attendees see THE TIPPLE REGISTER IS HERE... and the Saturday @3pm sneak-peak. I know some on the list are still unsure if they will actually be there. That's fine. I've given Marriott a count of 29. If we end up with a slightly smaller number, it just means brightlybob will need to drink any excess beer.


I'm looking forward to meeting many friends I made on this site as well as seeing again those few I've been fortunate enough to visit with before.


With over two dozen of us, I imagine there will at least that many different versions of the event posted on MRI in mid to late September. Those not in attendance will have to do their best to sort out which of those stories come closest to the truth.