Marriott or Ritz which rewards program to affiliate?

Discussion created by sethm on Aug 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by andrewt

Hello all,


I recently acquired a Ritz card after being Platinum Elite with Marriott the last few years. The new Ritz offering is too good to pass up for me. After receiving the card, I called Ritz rewards and they asked me which club I would to affiliate. The rep explained the only difference was access to websites and info about promotions. I left it with Marriott until I had time to research.


As I understand it, if I stay with Marriott I will not be eligible for any Ritz promos. However, if I choose Ritz I will get all of their promos and if I call Ritz rewards they can sign me up for the Marriott promotions as well. They did say that I would lose access to the Marriott website.


Is the Ritz website as good or better than Marriott? Will I still have access to these forums? Is the information provided to me correct and are there any other items to consider?


Please share your experiences and thoughts with me on this matter.


Thank you...