Go Elsewhere - Denver Marriott Westminster

Discussion created by clhflorida on Aug 18, 2016
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We stayed at this hotel 3 nights.


I will start out by saying this is a brand new hotel with many rough spots in customer service.  I would advise staying elsewhere, especially if you are an rewards member.


The positive:  Great, customer service from the staff in the bar.


The negative:


The concierge lounge is located next to the restaurant.  The doors are kept open from the restaurant.  We were never questioned when we went in, so I assume no one else was either.  The lounge itself always had dirty dishes sitting on the tables.  The evening snacks were not up to the standards I have seen in other lounges.  The lounge itself seems like an afterthought.


Our room was not an upgrade.  It was the furthest from the elevator, as in a very long walk.  It was 35 rooms away.  It, however, was the closest to the traffic noise.  No mountain view, but a lovely view of the hotel parking lot.


Our room was not cleaned the second day until my husband contacted the front desk.  The front desk agent was so rude, she decided half way in his conversation, to stop and talk to another employee, before saying they had until 6 p.m. to complete cleaning the rooms.  Later I received an email from the assistant manager apologizing and asking a good time the next day to clean our room.  I explained to him that not only was our room not fully cleaned when we had the privacy tag on our door the cleaning staff knocked on our door. On the final day in the late afternoon the assistant manager offered to change our room. It probably would have meant more on day 2, by day 3 at the end of the day it was not worth it.


We ate breakfast one day.  It was subpar to any other buffet we have had at a Marriott.  I had to ask for a clean ladle to get oatmeal.  The one available was laying on the counter.  We chose after day 1 to ask for a credit of points for the last two days.  We were not credited our points.


There are several great Marriott's close to this location.  We chose this one because it was new.  The pictures make it look very similar to the Renaissance that is close by.  What a mistake.