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Washington DC - Metro Center or Downtown Renaissance?

Question asked by bayareawolf on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by j&c

I am traveling to DC for work, have a conference near Woodly Park-Zoo Metro Center so I need Metro access to get to my business location.  My wife and sister will be joining me and sight seeing during the day.  I am looking at the Metro Center Marriott or the Renaissance Downtown.  The Metro Center is practically adjacent to a very good Metro stop to allow access to everything, but seems a little more generic and dated.  The Renaissance looks updated/modern, has a better gym, nice concierge lounge, better opportunity for upgrades, etc.  The Renaissance  just doesn't seem as well connected on the Metro or further walking distance from the Museums etc.  They both seem to be near restaurants and some nightlife.  Help!  Is there a clear winner here?