Terrible Stay at Renaissance - how to get Marriott to help make it right?

Discussion created by jgcincy on Aug 17, 2016
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I am hoping to get some help and a response from Marriott Customer Service in regard to a recent stay problem at the Renaissance Lucerne Hotel.  Hoping I can get some assistance here as the management at the location would not help.

We had a stay at the Lucern Renaissance hotel from Friday August 5 until Sunday August 7. Upon our check in we were told we were being "upgraded" to a better room with a nice view...as it would turn out this 1st floor room was directly over an incredibly loud, all night NIGHT CLUB that was on the main floor below!  The joke was certainly on us as the there was no "upgrade" we were just being stuck in the worst room in the hotel.  In short, it was so incredibly loud, until 4AM that even jet lagged and exhausted we could not sleep.  It was so loud you could not only recognize every song, the vibration was so strong it literally, I'm not kidding, was shaking the glass of water we had on the night stand!

We had just flown trans-atlantic from the US that day and were incredibly jet-lagged and exhausted, we desperately needed a good nights sleep and as a result not only was this entire night miserable but we were tired, crabby, and basically ruined our entire next day of touring in Lucerne...which was our only full day in the city before we traveled on to Paris.  Not able to put up with the noise we called the front desk at 1am who offered ear plugs at first...but with the vibration so intense that wouldn't have even helped...he then offered to move us to a higher floor...the result was having to RE-pack all our items up in the middle of the night, get dressed, move rooms and not get really any sleep in what was left of the night.  Additionally the new room was considerably smaller, the bath was half the size (very tight), instead of a king bed as we had the new room was two doubles pushed together, and the mini bar fridge was locked meaning we could not refrigerate our picnic lunch that we had in the original room's fridge.  I had used rewards points for this stay which I worked incredibly hard to earn and came away feeling like they were wasted and we were cheated out of a good use of them. If I had paid cash I would have demanded a refund and having used points I don't feel is any different, at least one night's points should be refunded to us, if for no other reason out of goodwill to a loyal customer, but ultimately we should have the entire stay's points refunded as not only was that first night terrible but it ruined the first several days of our trip with exhaustion.  Then at checkout we were surprised with larger fees than expected, Marriott had quoted on our reservation we would only pay $7.11 in taxes, however the hotel charged us $15.02, which I questioned and they said was for "resort fees" something I think is a joke when there were no resort amenities to begin with, no pool etc and it wasn't quoted originally by Marriott.  In Comparison after this stay we went on to Paris and stayed in a Starwood Hotel who had impeccable quality and service and wonderful rooms (in a larger denser city). I would really like to have our points refunded for this terrible stay and hopefully have a better experience using them somewhere else.

Thank you for your help!