Great service from a Marriott Insiders moderator (carat)

Discussion created by mjw48009 on Aug 17, 2016
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While I can only reference my nomination from a user name on Marriott Insiders (carat), I just wanted everyone to know that I received tremendous help from carat, one of our MR Insider moderators.  I wish I could thank her supervisor directly.  I had a continuous issue receiving credit for a stay in Italy (Marriott Grand Flora in Rome).  I had contacted the Platinum line twice with no progress.  While being Platinum Premier and Lifetime Platinum, I wasn't able to get the support I needed.  So, as a lurker on the Marriott Insider forum (I don't post much), I reached out to <carat> for help.  I don't know what she did but within a week or two I was fully compensated for my stay in Rome, as well as some goodwill bonus points.


It is refreshing to receive true service, as well as communication about the issue.  Carat provided both, and it felt good.


Thank you carat.