Kaua'i Marriott Resort

Discussion created by ks77 on Aug 15, 2016
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Just reaching out to everyone in hopes of getting some info regarding the Kaua'i Marriott Resort. I am hoping to swing a trip to the islands next summer for my anniversary. I am planning to hit Kauai and take advantage of booking with points to get that 5th night free. I have read lots of conflicting reviews. Some say it's great, others say it's a tired property in need of renovation and updates, other say watch out for parking issues and overcharges. I just want to use my points for a great trip, and the last thing I want is to show up to an old, tired, beat up property. While most of the time will be spent in the ocean/pool/off doing excursions, it would be nice to enjoy the room/lanai. Any info is greatly appreciated!


I know some of you have been to the islands and I am also open to info about Big Island as well, as I am hoping to go there for 2 nights as well.


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