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Marriott Atlanta Perimeter was unable to honor a confirmed reservation, how do I get my compensation

Question asked by chrisahx on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by john_thai

During the weekend of my birthday in February 2016, I had a confirmed reservation at the Marriott Atlanta Perimiter hotel. The reservation was made at and what happened was that on the day I was to arrive, I received a call from the hotel informing me that they were overbooked and would not be able to honor my reservation. I am a Gold Elite member and I made alternate arrangements but now I seem to be getting no where in getting Marriott to honor the reservation guarantee benefit I am entitled to as an elite member if the hotel is unable to honor a reservation.  From what I have read, I should have been compensated for the cost of another hotel, plus be credited 90,0000 MRW points.  I was able to stay at a friends place that night, but I feel I should at least get the 90,000 points for the hotel not being able to honor the reservation.  This hotel is also a corporate owned property and I have stayed at this hotel many times.  in fact the last time I was there I discussed this with one of the front desk managers, I emailed him the details including the dates and confirmation numbers.  I waited two weeks and sent a follow up email to him.  He replied that he was still looking into it. That was 6 weeks ago, and I still have heard nothing, nor have I received any compensation whatsoever.  Can someone please advise me as to what I can do about this?