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Why don't I get post-stay surveys?

Question asked by 10yearsplatinum on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by bejacob

I've been a Courtyard Club/Marriott Rewards member for about 19 years.  I've been Gold or Platinum (mostly Platinum) since 2004.  I'm Lifetime Gold and nearly Lifetime Platinum. My account shows 1,111 lifetime nights, and at least half of those are actual stay nights (not bonus).


Yet, I cannot recall ever receiving a post-stay survey so that I could review a property.  I see other members say they get surveys, and at least one member says he gets a survey about 25% of the time.


So, why don't I get them?  I've checked my email preferences in both MR and MRI profiles, but I don't see anything that seems to rule out surveys.


Is it because I communicate with Customer Service regarding problems so often?  Is it because I post to Twitter whenever there's a problem so annoying that I want to let the world know?  Have I, simply by trying to get property staff to fix problems while I'm still there to enjoy the fix, somehow excluded myself from the opportunity to review my stay?


Sometimes, I do have really nice things to say.  I don't always want to complain.  Honestly.