Delta Hotels by Marriott Orlando Lake Buena Vista - REVIEW

Discussion created by frente89 on Aug 11, 2016
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We recently spent a reward night at Delta in Orlando.  It was one of those use it or lose it situations.


The lobby reminded me of swanky Miami hotel.  Lots of white and clean lines.  I like that look, so I was good.  The front desk staff were nice.  They recognized my Elite status and offered me a bottle of water.  I checked in and went out to the car to get my gear.  When we got back in the lobby, one of the agents said, "YOUR CARD DIDN'T GO THROUGH!"  I was a little embarrassed, but figured out that I didn't change the expiration date in my Marriott app.  I did not need to be called out like that.  No matter.  I used the same card and was checked in.  She offered 750 points or breakfast.  I chose points.



Again, lots of clean lines.  They had a pretty nice gym, coffee house with good pastries, and a normal looking restaurant area for brunch and dinners.  The pool was a little plain.  Simple rectangular shaped pool with 2 large cabanas.  It appears that they are building a splash pad for kids.  That will be fun when it's done.



Standard, boring, run of the mill room.  I was disappointed because the lobby got me thinking modern and sleek, but the room got me thinking drab and boring.  The room had an ugly in room AC unit.  I have never liked those things.  UGH.  Now, here is the crux as to why I am composing this review.  The sheets were DIRTY.  I mean stained all the way through.  We pulled the comforter off and saw what looked to be a marker stain on the sheet.  Pulled the sheet off and saw that it went ALL THE WAY down to the mattress.  When we asked for all new sheets, they did happily oblige, but said we had to change the sheets ourselves.  What? No big deal in doing it ourselves, but we both felt really dirty doing it.  So exactly when do the sheets get washed?  We were both highly disappointed in the room.  We didn't complain to the front desk because, well, we got the room for free.  But this is not the kind of Marriott experience that I have grown accustomed to having.



The experience was not terrible.  My girlfriend and I both loved the entire lobby area, the pool, and the gym.  Where Delta missed the mark was room cleanliness.