2016 Fall MegaBonus coming soon!

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 9, 2016
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MegaBonus is coming!


Marriott sent out a teaser email today. Signups begin Sept 1. Maximum earnings look to be 50k which is an improvement of the last one.


So far that's about all I know. Guess we'll have to wait for Sept 1 for more details.


If the dates adhere to the usual structure, 9/15/16 thru 1/15/17, I've already got 8 stays/9 nights booked with a few more still to be determined.


I wonder what "CHOOSE THE WAY YOU'LL EARN" means. The idea that we might get to choose anything related to a MegaBonus is promising. Count me as intrigued. I suspect that's what Marriott marketing had in mind, so "good job!"