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Tax Exempt Form-Courtyard Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg

Question asked by hodgesck on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2016 by brightlybob

Why would both the Marriott Customer Care team (who routinely put Platinum members on hold and don't return phone messages) believe it is against the "Law" to hand a customer a Tax Exempt form.  I would understand the statement or position if the Courtyard Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania Operations Manager  would have produced anything in writing showing me that it was "ILLEGAL" for them to hand me a "tax exempt" document in order for me to then fill it out and "present" it back to them.


I would have also accepted the "local" policy had the Operations Manager not stated that this is a "MARRIOTT CORPORATE POLICY" and then not provided me a copy of the policy she was quoting.  If it is a corporate policy, why would the other three hotels I stay at in the Mechanicsburg area routinely hand me the form when I check in.  Even after I filled out the form, the Courtyard still added part of the tax to my bill.  At that point, I didn't go back and ask for them to remove the additional $2.xx.  The frustration I had with the desk clerk, the General Manager and then customer care who put me hold and then sent me to voice email ruined my entire stay.  I have never felt so uncomfortable at a hotel in my life.  When I told the Operations Manager I had canceled my follow on stay at the hotel, she said she already knew (she actually seemed pleased that I wasn't coming back).


It's actually quite disappointing, I've been a Marriott Rewards member for years, I've been loyal to your hotel chains and made several positive recommendations about the Marriott hotels to many people over the past 20 years. My family and I lived in your hotel for five weeks prior to moving to Singapore.  I'm not saying every experience we've had with our stays has been good but the majority of them have.  The lack of customer service that I received from customer care and the complete push back I received from the Courtyard Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg truly frustrates me.  At the end of stressful day, checking into a hotel should be easy.  By the way, customer care's answer was the three hotels that gave me the document were going "above and beyond" (good for them), he told me that GSA website states that I have to present the form.  When your team hands me the form, I fill out and then "present" it for processing.  He told me that he had spent enough time with me and that I needed to call GSA...then put me on hold for his manager.  It was during the next 15 minutes of waiting on hold that I found  email addresses to corporate headquarters.


You would think that reaching Platinum Level would garner a higher level of customer service (handing someone a form that they may have forgotten shouldn't be a lot to ask for)...not at Courtyard Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg.  I've already posted my dissatisfaction on Trip Advisor, maybe someone will be able to produce the document that shows that it is against the law to hand someone a form.


I've told this story to at least ten different people (they just shake their head)...several of their responses were recommendations to move to Hilton or Starwood (would do it if I could take my status that I've worked on building for over a year)... according to friends Hilton and Starwood provide better customer service.  I believe that Marriott purchased Starwood, I'm hoping Starwood's customer service comes with the merger.


Bottom Line-recommend they reach out to their customer care team and the Courtyard Harrisburg West/Mechanicsburg  Operations Manager.  They also still owe me a proper bill that removes all of the tax.  Recommend they take customer service lessons from the two Fairfield Inns (Harrisburg West and Carlisle) and the TownePlace Suites in Mechanicsburg, they don't quote "Law" that they can't support and provide much better customer service.