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Question asked by astortx on Aug 5, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2017 by brightlybob

I had booked 3 nights at  Gaylord Texan through Marriott reservations. At the time of booking they informed me that they can NOT guarantee the requested 2 queen beds, I may get a one king bed. I have explained that I am travelling with 2 kids age 11 and 4 and I really need two queen beds rather than king bed. The reservation person asked me to call the hotel a week before arriving and ask them to reserve a room with two queen beds.

Anyhow not to my surprise, today I have called the hotel and Marriott reservations and waiting more than 30 minutes and talking to about 5 people, they simply can NOT guarantee I will get two queen bed room. Two different explanations given 1- They only book the rooms by view; balcony, pool etc. 2-THE POLICY. The first explanation fails as I have asked to change my reservation by the view to get a two queen bed room, still view guaranteed but not the room type.

Second one POLICY is classical excuse for some unknown reason to me, but to known them. In this technological age, I am sure their computer programs knows how many people coming, when and they have the number of the rooms available. It is ridiculous NOT ABLE TO GUARANTEE the room type, never mind the even the room number., policy

I have looked for the top executives contact, but could not find it. I wish someone on top look at this issue and please explains the reasons.After all this is service related and Marriott supposed to be in service field.