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Discussion created by todzwif on Aug 4, 2016
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I am Gold Elite (almost Platinum this year whooo hoo!!) and have specified in my profile a King bed, extra towels and foam pillows; however, I rarely have the extras.  When I mentioned this to a front desk rep recently, she said that they don't look at the profile and I can always ask for extra towels/pillows if I need them.  Really?  Then why fill it out?  Feather pillows often aggravate my allergy symptoms and having a foam pillow available allows me to switch. 


I have stayed at another brand several times, and my preferred candies/soda are always in my room with a personalized note awaiting my arrival although I have no status there.  You'd think the place I am loyal would at least give me towels and pillows.  I am baffled by this.