don't go to Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel

Discussion created by feifei021 on Aug 3, 2016
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Shortly before the Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel. Evening to register, find hotel does not offer free parking, andreception of communication. Front desk staff said that they are so, has always been,were dropped. But into the room and found that the room was a musty smell, and very small, very old. And the shower and bath are together. Is it a five-star hotel?



不久之前,入住酒店。 晚上来登记,发现酒店不提供免费停车服务,和前台沟通。前台服务人员说是他们就是这样,一直都是,只好作罢。但是进入到房间后发现,房间内是一股发霉的味道,并且很小,很旧。并且喷淋和浴缸是在一起的。这难道是五星级酒店吗?