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remember when we used to get asked to post reviews?

Question asked by wolverine66 on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by dansplan

I haven't gotten one of those post-stay emails asking me to review a property for quite some time. I wish I had for my two recent stays at the Providence, RI Marriott. I hadn't stayed there in a couple of years and wow, is this property sinking. It's too bad because Providence is holding on and even rising in some ways, and this is a great geographic location, but we had inconsistent housekeeping, only one functioning elevator in the "tower" where I stayed both times, random holes in walls and doors (yes, the door to the hallway), etc. The executive lounge was not well-stocked or staffed. And why is it that we get more than a continental breakfast there, but are only eligible for a continental breakfast in the restaurant on weekends? I realize that's a Marriott-wide issue (hello, Autograph Collection!) and not particular to the Providence, Marriott. Anyway, the regular restaurant was staffed by wonderful people, who were clearly trying to cover too much ground. I emailed the property manager two weeks ago and have not even received the courtesy of a response. I have expectations where Marriott properties are concerned -- that's how Marriott has earned my loyalty. But I expect all Marriott properties to meet some minimum standards. Providence Marriott was a definite miss.