Marriott Rewards Insiders - Live and In Person!

Discussion created by bejacob on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by iahflyr

In case you've been paying too much attention to the US election news lately and missed all the previous announcements, many of the folks who contribute regularly to this site will be meeting in Houston in mid-September.


Rather than link to all the previous discussion, here are the details.


Who: Many of the most active posters on MRI

What: Get toghether to meet face-to-face and share stories

When: September 16-17, 2016

Where: JW Houston Downtown

Why: Because brightlybob is coming to town


Come meet some of the folks you've come to know and love like, plus a few you just tolerate.


Amazingly enough, brightlybob isn't the only one planning to join us from the UK, fistuk is also on the list.


If that's not enough, how about our Houston-based buddies iahflyr and nationwide?


Still not satisfied. Let's add a couple of experts on London and Paris, jerrycoin and pluto77.


How about a few millennials like seatexan, jsucool76, or jakeal?


Still not sure. What if I told you erc is coming out of seclusion for this? Some of our newer folk will not know who he is, but I promise you, you'll want to meet him.


We've also got our friend from up north (no, IAHFLYR, not the city up north, the country up north) pey. And painedplatinum, razorbackfan, nmballoonist, foxglove, gm1, Sledchick, tef6178, jerryl... well the list goes on and on. Brightlybob is keeping a full tally of everyone planning on joining us.


If you want to join us, there is still time, though not much. We've arranged for a special rate at the JW Marriott Houston Downtown. Check out this link to make reservations Marriott Rewards Insiders Booking Page. Just remember you need to book by 8/17/2016 and let us know you'll be there.


Oh, one last enticement. communitymanagers has arranged for Marriott to host a cocktail reception for us on Saturday evening from 7-9pm.


So if your schedule allows, drop everything right now and book your room. Then get your plane or train tickets (unless you plan to drive) and meet us in Houston in mid-September. You can always read about it on Insiders after the fact, but wouldn't you rather be there?