Positive Customer Service Experience

Discussion created by 702rugbyref on Aug 3, 2016
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I think it is as important to recognize positive experiences as well as the negatives (and they do get more attention for sure).


As we all know, the spring mega bonus got us an opportunity to earn a free Cat 1-5 (not the issue). I had planned to use it this weekend whilst on a rugby trip to Memphis. I had a change in plans slightly and will not be able to use the free night that was due to expire later this week. I called MR Customer Service and spoke with 'Katherine' (sp) and explained my situation and asked if it were possible to extend the free night until Labor Day weekend. After about 10 minutes and keeping me informed while she worked on it, she eventually came back to advise me that my certificate has been extended a full year! Much to my surprise but thankful nonetheless.


Not sure what happened in this situation but I am thankful for courtesy, respect and understanding this agent exemplified above and beyond my expectations. SHOUTOUT!