Cancelation Policy Changes

Discussion created by moneeman1 on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2016 by 10yearsplatinum

As many others on this site, I am a lifetime platinum member and have therefore booked MANY reservations.  For quite some time I have seen 24-hour cancelation policies (and occasionally up to 3 days) on the most popular properties.  I have accepted such with the thought that they can get away with it because people are willing to take the minimal risk of a last-minute change in order to stay in that hotel or resort.  However, I have noted over the last few months that every property I have checked (not just reserved, but CHECKED) has now implemented a 24-hour cancelation policy.  I have been traveling by car a good bit lately, and I am dismayed that I have to lock in on exactly where I want to stop in order to assure myself a room at a Marriott.


Marriott is making it HARD for me to be loyal.  I can see some amount of logic to resorts and higher end hotels requiring at least 24 hours cancelation notice, but I do not see any reason why that should be the standard for Courtyards, Fairfields, etc.  I don't pretend that Marriott will change their policy because I complained here (if they even read these posts), but I'm curious if others feel the same.