Disappointed in Stay and Nobody will get back to me

Discussion created by jmanning1976 on Aug 2, 2016
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   Does anyone know how to get someone to actually repsond to a complaint? I have been trying since Saturday to get someone to listen to me and nobody will help!


I feel I am entitled to at LEAST an apology o some sort of response from Marriott as up until today, nothing has been done for me.  I stayed at the Courtyard in Palo Alto, CA on Saturday July 30th.  When I arrived, I presented a friends and family rate authorization form, provided to me by a family member who works at the corporate offices in Utah, where I currently reside.

I have used the Friends & Family discount many times over the years.  When I presented the certificate, i was told that it was expired.  I inadvertently must've grabbed the wrong one from home before I left.  I explained to the front desk that nobody was home in Utah to fax or email me the correct form and that I was in town for my beloved grandmothers funeral.  They insisted I procure the iorrect form or else be charged the full rate of $350.00 for the night.  I am on a very tight budget due to health issues and treatments, and I advised them that the only reason I chose the courtyard was because of the $109 rate.  I explained that I did not have it in my budget to afford the $350 rate.  They advised that I could go somewhere else, but would have to pay the late cancellation fee if i did.  At this point, I was running out of time, as I had to be at the funeral service. 

Upon returning from the service, I tried calling the marriott rewards number to see if they could assist.  I repeatedly got hung up on and was told I was now bound to the $350 rate. 

I ended up pawning my watch and a ring in order to pay for the hotel room.  On top of that, I killed no less than 17 spiders while in the room, and complained to housekeeping about the dirt ring in the tub.  I am so beyond disappointed in my experience that I dont even know what to say anymore.  The front desk was rude, disrespectful, and unsympathetic to my situation.  I am a rewards member, loyally choose marriott whenever I travel, and was appalled that a woman, crying, in YOUR lobby, worried about not having a place to stay for the night, in town from Utah, for her grandmothers funeral, would be treated like this.  The two women at the front desk were snickering at me, and spoke to me with a tone of which was less than professional.  I do not know what Marriott could do at this point to turn this around for me.  I SOLD MY OWN WATCH AND RING to pay for this room.  I asked them to please review my rewards account so they could see that I stay with you guys frequently and have used valid Friends & Family rates before, but I was met with snide remarks about "getting it together".

I would appreciate a response from SOMEONE as soon as possible.