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Wow, Just wow.. So I was talking to a Hilton help chat person and they told me that bed types and number of beds is not based on tier/status but on nothing.. You just CHOOSE what room you want.. PAY for what room and however many beds you want.. And than YOU GET the number of beds and type of beds you want.. REGARDLESS of status or rewards information.. And they are the same price as Marriott.. Not good for families who want to try to stay in a Marriott for the first time.. With NO status. I guess Marriott is not made for family travel.. *SIGH*.. The only good thing I like about Marriott is that their hotels are pet-free and smoke-free.. (Hilton has Smoke-free but not pet-free).. Well, I guess I can never ever stay in a Marriott.. I wish I could. They are super nice and I stayed in a courtyard.. (My uncle had high status).. Well, Good bye Marriott, Unless you ever change your policy.. I cannot stay with you guys.. I wish I could.. I guess Hilton all the way..