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Hawaii Vacation Club Properties?

Question asked by sdcinok on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by sdcinok

I just became a Marriott Vacation Club owner and am trying to plan our first trip.  My wife and I have chosen to visit Hawaii.  We are in our early 50's and plan on traveling in May 2017.  This will be our first and likely only trip to Hawaii.


Looks like there are five Hawaii vacation club properties.

* 3 on Kauai

* 1 on Maui

* 1 on Oahu.


Our plan is to stay the week at ONE of these properties.  We'll probably day trip over to Pearl Harbor even if we do not stay on Oahu.


Its really critical that I make a good choice on our lodging.  I would appreciate some current and relevant insight on the 5 properties.  Pros/Cons, opinions on which might be most preferable or least preferable and why.  I'm not really asking about the location, but more about the specifics of the properties.


Thanks in advance.