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How to get a 2 bedroom at Residence Inn when using rewards stay - paid upgrade ?

Question asked by jurgenlison on Jul 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by dansplan

Hi... turning to the community with this question as I can't seem to find an answer using the Marriott website...


I've been trying to reserve a two bedroom room when making a rewards reservation at Residence Inn, but this room type never shows up as being available to reserve with points. Has anybody found a way to make this happen (I would be ok to use more points of course, but there seems no special reward type available)


When calling the hotel after making a "normal" one bedroom Residence Inn reservation, I was offered to pay a fee per night for an upgrade to a 2 bedroom (and a quite hefty fee I'll point out) - any experience with this expensive way to use points + cash to get a two bedroom suite ?


And final... if I pay a hefty fee per night to upgrade on top of using points, I assume but would like to confirm that I will at least be getting Marriott points for the cash upgrade fees ?


Looking forward to your opinions...