Grossly mismanaged burn incident at JW Marriott, Washington DC

Discussion created by svalley on Jul 29, 2016

I have suffered second degree burns on a very visible area of my hand as a result of using a broken coffee maker in the hotel room at JW Marriott at Washington DC. I was told by a skin specialist that I will carry permanent and visible skin pigmentation changes on my hand.

The claims department told me yesterday (9 days after my injury and filing an initial report) that they cannot investigate the broken machine since it is in a room that is currently occupied by a guest. I am shocked that the broken coffee maker that caused severe second degree burns was not decommissioned and investigated right away. In addition it highlights extreme negligence and disregard for guest safety. Are they waiting for another guest to get harmed?

I would like to make it loud and clear that the hotel management, customer care and claims department have all failed miserably at taking ownership and providing a timely resolution.

Please avoid this hotel like a plague. Poor quality standards, highly insensitive and discriminatory staff and extreme inefficiency from customer care and an attempt by claims and management to cover up the issue. Thankfully I have pictures to support my case.