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Question asked by iaskquestions on Jul 27, 2016
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I'm confused..

Hello everyone, So I'm staying at Newark airport for one night and there are three Marriott's I'm interested in..

I'm a bit confused on which one I should stay in, All three are in reach of my price point and we are staying there with two adults and two kids. I personally am just looking for which one is the best out of all three of them. Our flight lands at night time (Around 10 PM) and we just are staying a couple of hours 'til the AM and eating breakfast.. It's going to be a easy in and out..








SOLVED - I will just go to the Marriott airport hotel which is the closest one and than on the way back.. Go to the Ren hotel hopefully.. I may switch it up and stay at the Ren and the Marriott on the way back.. Just depends on who has the room we want for a good price