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Do I want Platinum?

Question asked by natural_log on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by natural_log

Hi.  I hope I can get some good advise from you smart folks.


Right now I am at the Gold level but I may have a chance to earn enough nights to make Platinum this year.  The problem is that I may not want Platinum.  If I stay at Gold, then I will have a bunch of roll-over night to carry out into next year and should easily earn Gold again.  However, if I earn Platinum this year, I will not have many roll over nights and will like not have enough next year for Gold. 


Thus I would rather have Gold-Gold then Platinum-Silver.  Does this make sense?  If you are Platinum one year, do you simply drop to Gold to following year independent of the number of nights?


Thanks in advance to any clarity you folks can provide