Booking direct vs Expedia Vs Vacation by Marriott

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**I have the Ritz Carlton Visa Card**


So im planing on taking my GF to San Juan, PR for our 1 year together and wanted to stay at Ritz Carlton or La concha but made up my mind to stay with Ritz (better customer service)... I also wanted to get club level at the Ritz Carlton but according to a CSA the dates i picked are already filled..The first rep when i called wasnt being helpful and kept telling me that i am not able to use the upgrade certificates in San Juan. Then hours later (felt bugged) i called again and the new rep told me that i can use them in san juan but not the reserve destination. but either way all club level spots were taken for my dates.

My booking options:


Booking Direct

Ritz $2,219.72

Airline $ 1,043.60

Total - $3263.32


Pros- get Marriott points and nights

Cons- too expensive compared to Expedia and even Vacations by Marriott



Booking with Expedia

Airline and hotel (ritz)

Total $2632.53

Pro- Save $630 vs booking direct , Super cheap compared to Marriott and Vacations by Marriott

Con- no credit for nights nor much points.. but will get some points with my Ritz Card


Booking with Vacations by Marriott

Ritz and airline

Total- 2890.15

Pros- Save $373.17 vs booking separately, $5,000 booking points (nothing more)

cons- Expedia is cheaper


I wouldnt have cared about booking direct but the not being able to upgrade for club level is keeping me away from booking directly with marriott


What do you guys suggest?