Grossly mismanaged burn incident at JW Marriott, Washington DC

Discussion created by svalley on Jul 23, 2016
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I was a guest at JW Marriott Washington DC who suffered severe burn injuries from scalding hot water as a result of using an already broken coffee maker at the JW Marriott Washington DC. The safety and well-being of guests is paramount and a basic premise in the hospitality industry, and it was severely compromised by poor quality controls that led to the presence of a broken coffee maker in the room.


To make things worse, we faced extreme insensitivity, arrogance and gender/race discrimination when we tried to follow up with the management team (Mr. Eric Pitts). Not only did Mr. Pitts show his insensitivity, but also failed to guide us through the claims process. He did not apologize and underplayed the situation stating the burn may not leave permanent scars and so is acceptable. I was in extreme pain, and was incapacitated for two days.


I would have taken any help from an on-call doctor/nurse on the property, which again, was not offered to me.


I reached out to customer care and registered a formal complaint, only after which I finally received an apology email from Mr. Pitts.


I am appalled by the way a serious situation as this was handled. The poor quality control, followed by extreme arrogance and lack of empathy from management turned our vacation into a nightmare!!


Please avoid this hotel if you care about the safety of your loved ones!