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Scrub Island vs Frenchman's Reef Honeymoon Questions

Question asked by travelingfitzme on Aug 1, 2016

Fiancee and I are looking at the virgin islands for part of our honeymoon the first half of November this year. This will be our second leg of the honeymoon (the first spent in St. Martin and island hopping to St. Barts and Anguilla) and we're trying to figure out the best resort between Frenchman's Reef on St. Thomas or Scrub Island in BVI.


For me, it isn't even a question: Scrub Island all the way. While she agrees that the exclusivity of the island and gorgeous views look amazing, she's worried we'll get bored. We're in our mid/late 20's and still very much enjoy our nights out. I think she's concerned with the lack of dining and bar options on the island itself. And while I've mentioned it's only a short ferry ride to Tortola, it looks like we'd still need to take a cab to have a good amount of options. Are there any good snorkeling or sightseeing spots within easy kayaking distance of the island? Is the free ferry only to Trellis Bay or can you get to other nearby islands for free (or at least cheap)?


St Thomas on the other hand appears to have a plethora of options for people our age. My only concern here is the crowds will be overwhelming and it will put a damper on our honeymoon. Are there cheap and quick ways to get to other islands from Frenchman's Reef resort? Is this resort typically crowded or will we find some privacy on our honeymoon?


We're also hoping for an upgrade for our honeymoon, are either of these properties likely to grant that? I'll be Gold at time of stay. I know the smart thing to do would be to book the exact room we want, but I only have 180k, enough for 5 nights at either.


I should also mention we're considering renting a boat for at least one of the days we're there, but my open water boating experience is minimal (good amount of lake experience) so I'm a bit nervous about taking one out, especially in unfamiliar waters. I know another option is to just rent one with a captain, but is it necessary or is everything fairly easily navigable?


Finally, and maybe hardest to answer, I noticed we'll be staying while there is a full moon. Are the full moon parties at Bomba's shack worth checking out? Is there any way to get there easily from Scrub Island or Frenchman's Reef? We'd probably stay out late and I don't believe the ferry to Scrub runs that late.


If anybody can share their experiences at Frenchman's Reef, Scrub Island, or (preferably) both it would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance,