Keisha E at Key Bridge Marriott is OUTSTANDING in every way! Spirit to Serve nomination

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Please select Key Bridge Marriott's Keisha E - OUTSTANDING in every way - to receive a Spirit to Serve Award!


We arrived late at the Key Bridge Marriott in Rosslyn, VA, full of excitement for the vacation ahead (tired after a very long 10-hour drive). We were warmly greeted at check-in by Keisha E who welcomed us to the Key Bridge, congratulated us on our Platinum status, upgraded us to the Concierge floor, checked on our parking and Platinum arrival gift, offered us bottled water and even accompanied us up to our room (a first) to make sure the room was a perfect fit. It was!


A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was Keisha asking to move us across the hall to a more perfect room. And it was!


During our 3-night stay, we dropped by the front desk often on our way in and out to see Keisha in action and thank her again (and again) for her kindness. Usually, she was very busy helping other guests. It was often magical as Keisha's Spirit to Serve is so strong! On two occasions we observed, she stepped in for other front desk staff members to solve what appeared to be "sticky situations," resulting in smiles all around. As I grabbed a quick hug in one evening, a couple approached the desk and I stepped away with a smile knowing that they would receive the same OUTSTANDING kind professionalism from Keisha that we had. It is obvious that Keisha loves her job!


J and I are so very pleased to nominate Keisha for a Spirit to Serve Award! She is a wonderful Marriott Ambassador! Congratulation Keisha, the Key Bridge and Marriott International (#1 in hospitality), for excellence at the highest level! C