Marriott Brands Welcome American Express

Discussion created by seatexan on Jul 21, 2016
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I was reading this months Travel + Leisure magazine when I saw these adds.

Maybe they were also in last months, but I didn't notice and I can't find the magazine to look through it.





Marriott is big on their card (we all know that ).  I also know that in the past Marriott has teamed up with Renaissance Hotels and American Express doing things like 20% off when you book a Ren Hotel with an American Express Card.  They have always accepted American Express as far as I know. It's what I used before I got my Marriott card, but now seeing 3 of the brands openly welcoming American Express is exciting. So maybe the SPG American Express card won't be for nothing.  These hotels are also more on the trendy techie side...up and coming!


I know in the past I have said I don't think I would be much of a Moxy goer, but I just might have to try the one in Nola. Your check in is at the bar!