Fresh Bites - not a "success"

Discussion created by private001 on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2017 by phctourist

Sitting right now eating out of a paper bag at marriott marquie on Time square in New York.  - It is new and called "fresh bites" and it sucks..


It is paperbages, no substitution, wiered food with names that nobody can pronounce. Gone is simple items like the marriott burger. Nor can you have an omelette, toast or even a pot of coffee for breakfast. instead you are forced to try to eat "Solovaki, Bamsetti, riata, brioche, paco, baby-bak choy, Sciriacha, tzatziki, Eli & Ali, Passion Curd, Ailoli, on food that cannot be pronounced, nor understood (reading from the menu). Everythning is served in paper bags, with paper and plastic mugs, and plastic untensils like at McDonalds; even though you are paying $350+ per night for real service.


No substitioin is allowed, so if you don't like cheddar cheese and a biroche bun, you cannot get a bruger. This is a horrible ruch -to the bottom of fast food service.  After 850+ nights loving Marriott, this is what I get???  Please stop this **** and bring back real food, for real people, even if you have to charge me more..    this is NOT what we expect from Marriott..