Black Day in July

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49 years ago about now when I was 14 My, Dad and I and my brother were in Downtown Detroit. We were too naïve to know we were not safe. We went into a Kresge's  and I remember having a slice of banana cake, the best I had ever had, If we were not from small town Ontario we would have noticed that were not I a racially mixed place, but everyone in there were so nice to me and my 7 year old brother. A week later that part of Detroit was burned. Now on the sight is a beautiful redeveloped downtown center with a renaissance hotel in prominence.


I am saddened by the destruction and divisiveness that has gone on in Texas, Louisiana and Florida over the last month. I was planning trips to the south of France in the Summer and the South of the USA in the fall but right now I feel that it is best just to stay home,


Condolences to those in Orlando, who lost their lives and Officers who lost their lives innocently because they chose public service in Louisiana and texas.