Marriott...Sometimes You Really Do Rock!

Discussion created by droma on Jul 14, 2016
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Lots of negativity on the board lately, some of which I've been part of, and some very valid frustration.  But I wanted to take the time to make a quick post about a positive and something I really appreciate.


Over 8 months ago I booked my honeymoon on reward points and airline miles.  My honeymoon was schedule in 2 weeks,  10 nights in the Champs-Elysees and 5 nights in the Boscolo Exedra Nice.  Now, I was looking forward to staying at one of the most expensive Marriott properties in the world in Paris and having a great stay in Nice as well, but unfortunately the events in France have deterred me (thoughts out to all those affected).  The recent gunman in Paris, Egyptair flight (which may be looking more like a mechanical and I hope it was), and now tonight the tragic attack in Nice have left my fiance and myself very uneasy about going to France to the point of cancelling our honeymoon location in hopes of picking out a new spot.


With the airlines, I had to call, have reservations tell me about all the redeposit fees for points, write customer service to request a waiver, and now wait patiently to see if they will grant me an exception for canceling my flights (which I still intend to book to a new locale).  On Marriott, I went on, clicked a few buttons, and sure enough...reservation was easily cancelled and all points deposited back in my account instantaneously.


I understand there is a difference in airline and hotel systems and fares and everything, and I also understand this may be standard across all hotels (although I'm not sure it could get any easier).  But, I wanted to show my appreciation with a quick note thanking you for taking some of the stress away a week before my wedding and easily letting me get to a point where I can look for a new destination.


Kudos Marriott, and again my thoughts go out to all the victims and their families.