JW Marriott Cancun- on points

Discussion created by corrie1013 on Jul 13, 2016
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Hi all!

Between my husband and I, we are very close to having enough points for a room + air 7 night travel package.  I'm thinking that we will use it to take our girls to the JW Cancun for spring break next year.  I've checked their site and there are reward rooms available for our dates, but I also noticed that every single room option has not only the amount of points for entirety of our stay, but also an additional cash amount (or additional points amount).  This is for the regular guest room...and the suites.  Do the rooms at the JW Cancun always cost more than what the points are supposed to be or am I missing something?


Also- if I decide to use the 7 night cert for this stay, would I then have to pay additional money as well?  I'm just confused....


Thanks for any help!