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Poor customer service lack of acknowledgement

Question asked by tradeshowdiva on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by lindseyh

Is it just me or has marriott decided that my loyalty isn't worth anything! I

checked in to the Del Mar CA Marriott and was never acknowledged as MR member, when I asked if there was a possible upgrade (traveling with a platinum and gold status) I was told they were "fully committed" like i am not a commitment. Well at 35000 points a night and average of over 45 nights a year I think i am. i stayed at a hilton twice last week and they treated me like Platinum with only 3 nights this year. Watch out Marriott I am going to switch and hope many of my fellow road warriors are going to as well. If you don't care of I stay at Marriotts, I know Hilton does. The support staff "Jose" in the restaurant was the best. Why don't you put him at the front desk he knows what customer service is all about. Also, the following Marriott Marquis employees are awesome : Ryan (girl) at check in ( her husband is military), Ashely from Australia (pool),  michael in valet and housekeeping were all great. Please don't think this is because of one check in, it has been disappointing for the past year and this just broke the camels back!!!