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Heading Toward Lifetime - How You Got There?

Question asked by mrbmbrown on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2016 by pingreeman

So, first of all, I would post this as a Poll if the MRI website allowed you to post a poll in the MR topic string (which it does not for some insane reason) and this question really only belongs here. So, I will post the poll over in Travel Tips too, in case you want to vote. I would be curious about the achievement of LTPLat...


So, my question is this, if you have LTPlat (or are heading there very soon) what do you consider the most difficult hurdle to achieve?


Required Points


Required Nights


And, most importantly why?


I don't know that this will deteriorate into a discussion about the value of LT Plat and the ease of achieving versus the old method, but I am curious about the communities' thoughts. I appreciate your comments... in advance!