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2 stays, same day, different citis

Question asked by alammari on Jul 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by robineos

I have just booked a room for a 3 nights stay in Melbourne Australia (6-9 Oct) for myself  and another room for my parents for 4 nights stay (6-10 Oct) in the same hotel, the reason I booked a 3 night stay is because I will be flying to Hawaii and will be in Marriott Waikiki beach on the 10th of Oct to 13th, note that all bookings are under my Marriott rewards account, so there will be 1 booking where I will be in Hawaii and in Melbourne at the same time under my Marriott account, and since I am registering for the promotion of double nights, would that mean I will get all the nights counted(which I doubt)?


will I get the points for having a stay in Melbourne and another in Hawaii? how will the nights count towards my account? should I separate the bookings and do another booking?