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Question asked by i<3aworkout on Jul 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2016 by tommo781

I use to get such great rates (yes, you had to really hunt them down in the little tabs across the top), but since the "Member Rate" started showing up as a new program they are sometimes (often) higher than my corporate rate or my AAA rate.


I loved it when I found that little gem of a price!  Now I just get extremely discouraged when member rates BARELY are any benefit at all.  Yes, at times they can be lower, but really $10 less isn't a MEMBER RATE!  And displaying it, when I find it less, only to see that it's Advance Purchase, yuck another disappointment.


Display like Hilton, Stash, others do and give up all rates MR, AAA, Marriott eBreaks, Government, AARP/Sr, MR points, etc. all in one view.  Makes me crazy to sort so many times.


Eliminate the Member Rate program and just put it back to a really great rate on the tab.  I'd rather spend time hunting down a good little gem of a rate on the old Marriot Rewards Member Rate tab and find an amazing rate $80 instead of a just barely less rate by $2 under publish regular rate or my AAA rate being less than the Member rate by $20.  Member rates should be where when I pull it up I say to myself "wow!  I'll never find a better rate"  Now I search asking myself "could my corporate rate be less?"  And lately I've found it is.  No exaggeration.


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