wow. did i have a disappointing Marriott day.....

Discussion created by drr14 on Jul 12, 2016
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I just completed a stay in Boston, booking it via the Marriott website using the 'flight and hotel' option on Marriott.com back in March.  Even prepaid.  Learned today the error of my ways.  According to Gold Elite line, that really isn't "Marriott"; "you should book direct with us".  Alas, it turns out, it's a 3rd party they use.  That apparently means no points and no elite nights.  Bummer, as I thought I would only be 5 nights away from renewing gold for next year as of this July (with six nights more booked, shortly to be canceled) and was contemplating a dash toward platinum.  Instead, I find myself renewing my Hilton loyalty program and will be canceling my Marriott VISA Signature credit card.  To be fair, it was pointed out today that the fine print says "select rates may not qualify for airline miles or hotel rewards".  It is something like bullet point 12 in the fine print.  Interestingly, Delta Air gave me credits, but "Marriott" (third party) did not.  Oh, I will get 5,000 'bonus' points in about a month, but not points for stay, concierge club closed, promotion stay, etc. (about 15,000 points by my calculation). Worse, no one I spoke to could explain how one knows what 'select rates' means.


I find it sad my first post will be my last.  Marriott Rewards used to be a loyalty program.  Sure don't feel the love from even a couple years ago.   Time to move on, in my case back to a program that once served me in Diamond status.  Good luck to those of you who remain.  Don't click flight and hotel package button lest you suffer my fate.