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Advice Needed:  Which Hotel/London, UK

Question asked by oldguy28613 on Jul 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by seatexan

My wife and I will be in London for a 3 day weekend (Friday noon-Sunday night) in mid-September, following a stay in the Lake District.

Looking at lodging options, we've identified 3 possible hotels:


1. Marriott Grosvenor Square

2. Grosvenor House

3. Marriott County Hall


The rates are within a few GBP of each other, so the cost is not the issue.

We've both been to London before, but this is the first time together without kids. We have theater tickets booked for Friday night near Covent Garden - that's the only scheduled/planned activity at this point.  I've seen the War Rooms, but my wife hasn't, so we think we'll do that Sunday morning when other things are closed. We expect to walk/tube a lot, are open to 'things to do' suggestions.


I see on some of the reviews that County Hall has been undergoing renovation, are they done?  The two options in Mayfair have comments like 'tired', is that still the case?

Has anyone stayed at any of these 3 recently?  We're Platinum, have you gotten any upgrades/recognition?


Are there other options we should consider that I haven't thought of?