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Thinking of a New Carry On

Question asked by mrbmbrown on Jul 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by jerryl

Okay, so I know this one will generate a ton of discussion. Let me say first that I travel by plane every week. My travel typically involves North America and Europe. I travel roughly 300K miles a year and spend 250+ nights in hotels each year... so my bag has been through it.


I currently carry a Briggs and Riley Domestic Carry On Garment Bag - Upright (I HATE the horizontal ones, they never fit anything - I know some of you out there will disagree, but I have tried 3 different ones Tumi, B&R and TravelPro and returned them all). I love the bag, and it fits lots of stuff, the unique clamshell compartment helps to get hanging stuff in one side and folding items in the other.


However, in traveling more and more to Europe, I have had the occasionally over zealous agent make me check the bag as technically it does not meet EU standards (less forgiving that US). So, that and some recent time in the Frankfurt LH Lounge made me start thinking about Rimowa, for a couple of reasons, size (better EU compliance) and weight. Then I read some reviews about cracked plastic and shied away.


The lifetime warranty on B&R is great, but paying $50 to 75 each time to ship it back makes the warranty less attractive. I have basically paid for the bag 1.5 times now.


So, I am curious, what do you other frequent travelers recommend... hit me with your best shot.