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inheriting timeshare? points club?

Question asked by catinthehat on Jul 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by seaport104

My parents would like to sell their two timeshare weeks and sell their Vacation Club Points deed to me. They have three deeds total. My sister and I DO NOT want to inherit these  as we've seen how hard it is to use the points for the places that you want to go to. Trading is okay for the timeshare weeks but not worth it to us. What happens if they can't sell it? Can we refuse it when the estate goes through it's process? I'd be somewhat okay taking the Vacation Club deed but not thrilled by it. Please don't think we're ugly little children waiting for our parent's estate. These are things our parents are trying to figure out, and we're trying to help them, as one of them is getting very near to where he won't be able to make decisions or deal with things anymore. As it is, they can't really travel at all anymore but they keep paying their fees because they can't figure out how to sell. They want the EASIEST way to do it, even if it means losing money.