TRIP TO SJ PUERTO RICO- Stay at Ritz Carlton(Club Level) or La Concha??

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My GF and I are planing on a trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico during September (15-24) for our one year anniversary, 2 years ago i went with a buddy to PR and we stayed at ritz and i loved it there. The employees were very friendly and nice, somehow i was impressed that they knew our names even tho we didn't really talk to them much.


Okay... so i have been thinking where to stay at, my two options are Ritz Carlton or La Concha- my first pick was Ritz but I felt like i should try something new thats when I found La concha. At La Concha I was going to get a Jr suite but yesterday when i was ready to book the trip all the Jr suites were taken, I was also reading that La Concha is kind of noisy and that the employees there arent that good with customer service. I was going to get a cheap room and just hope for an upgrade but I have been roaming around forums and others are saying that its not that easy getting any upgrade from them- that just made me lean more towards Ritz again.


Last year i went to Hawaii and stayed at the Waikiki Marriott- I was a silver elite back then but they sure knew how to spoil me- the elite lady who helped me upgraded my basic room from floor 5 to floor 30 that was facing diamond head with partial ocean view, she also gave me free coffee cards to use at a coffee shop in the hotel(**** load of them), and  breakfast (28 value) free!! but had to pay for my GF meal ** Im sure that upgrade was a good $600+ (8 day stay..)


A month ago i was approved for the Ritz Carlton CC and remembered that i have 3 club level upgrade certificates-  I have been trying to read more about them, but to me it seems like its just a lounge with free food and drinks.. hopefully im wrong

If i book my trip and stay with ritz and also use those certificates...

Does my room get upgraded?

What is Club Level?

Has any one stayed at SJ Ritz using the upgrades/ Club Level??

what do you guys recommend?

Another thing that I found out about the SJ,PR Ritz earlier today is that during our trip the pool will be closed... My trip dates Sept 15-24th

  • Renovation Information – Kindly note-To ensure a luxurious experience, the pool will be closed for resurfacing September 6-October 20 2016, however, guests can enjoy a range of upgraded beach activities.